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Water Well Maintenance

One of the best ways to test the condition of your private well is to analyze the water quality. The EPA recommends testing annually, but one would also be wise to test any private well on property you may be purchasing. A-Plus Water Services can test your water for you or we can help you do it yourself. Instructions must be followed carefully and sent to a state-certified laboratory.

Some of the things you will want to test for are nitrates and coliform bacteria, but there may be other tests recommended depending on the specific area or property. You may want to consider testing for pesticides/insecticides if you use a large quantity on your landscape/livestock or if the property or nearby areas use large quanties of pesticides/insecticides. If your area/property has a history of industrial/commercial use it may be wise to test for organic chemicals that can leak from equipment, buried tanks or landfills. Some properties may have been built at a time when lead pipes were in heavy use so this may also be worth testing your water for as well as naturally ocurring elements such as salt, iron, arsenic or sulpher.

If the results of your water tests show contamination don't panic. Depending on the type and amount of contamination, there are many things that can be done to solve the problem. You may just need to run through a series of water treatment plans, make a repair on the pump or casing, or install a home water filtering system. Well Pump Repair in Redmond, Well Pump Replacement in Woodinville, and Well Pump Service in Bellevue are all available from A-Plus Water Services, Inc.. All of these solutions can be quite economical and we can help you wade through the information to provide you with the best possible solution. Whatever the problem, if repairs are made be sure the well is sanitized after they are complete and then test the water again to verify that all is working properly and the problem has been solved.

Once your private well and well water have been confirmed clean and in good working condition there are a few guidelines to follow to keep it that way:
  1. Never mix chemicals, pesticides, insecticides or anything you don't want in your water near the well. Don't even store them near the well. This will prevent an accidental spill from polluting your well.
  2. Don't pour any chemicals, pesticides, etc... down the drain.
  3. Use chemicals for melting ice, washing cars, fertilizing lawns, etc. sparingly to prevent accidental contamination of ground water.
  4. Make sure the surface area around the well slopes away to prevent surface water from puddling around it.
  5. Keep pet droppings, livestock and any debris away from the well.
  6. Make sure all unused or abandoned wells are sealed off properly. If not sealed properly they can provide a direct route for contamination to your ground water.
  7. Install check valves that keep dirty water from flowing back into the well.
  8. Check and inspect visible parts of your well pump annually along with testing your well water.
  9. Don't be afraid to test your well water anytime you notice a change in color, taste, or odor. This could be a sign of problems with the well water pump or water treatment system.
A-Plus Water Services, Inc. is the full-service solution for all your well-related needs including:
Well Pump Repair in Redmond, Well Pump Replacement in Woodinville, Well Pump Service in Bellevue

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